Moringa 400 mg and Neem Leaf 500 mg Capsules - 120 Count Fresh Organic

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Product Description

The perfect blend of Neem for cleansing and Moringa for SuperFood Nutrition! Neem cleanses/detoxes and protects while Moringa feeds/restores body wellness. Moringa SuperFood is Rich in Essential Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants!

Cruelty Free. Never been tested on animals. Contains NO corn, soy, salt, yeast, sugar, wheat, egg, dairy products, Supports Energy and Vitality Supports Focus and Mental Clarity Supports and Provides Anti-Aging Nutrients Supports Immune System Health. Supports overall Health and Well-being.

Take one to 3 capsules daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare provider.

All Natural Ingredients
Moringa Oleifera
Azadirachta indica (neem) Extract

Each capsule contains: 400 mg Moringa Oleifera and 40 mg Neem Leaf Extract (20:1 Leaf Powder)
(25 mg of Neem Leaf Extract is equivalent to 500 mg of Neem Leaf Powder.)

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This product should not be consumed by pregnant or lactating women.


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    More energy during the day, sleep great at night.

    Posted by Amanda on Aug 5th 2016

    I have been looking for a supplement that could help boost my energy levels naturally. I don't drink anything with caffeine, and don't like how some energy drinks make me feel after I drink them. This bottle of Neem Moringa leaf capsules not only naturally boosts your energy, but it does so much more. It also helps you relax and sleep well because of Nebedaye. Moringa is a super food and Neem helps eliminate pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. Some of the ingredients help new skin cells grow faster, which reduces the wrinkles on your face and makes your skin look more youthful. So, this basically helps your immune system, gives you energy, yet helps you sleep, helps with joint pain and inflammation, has anti-aging nutrients, and supports overall health and well being.
    With all those claims, here is my experience with it:
    I feel like I have more energy during the day, and still have no trouble sleeping. I didn't have joint pain before I started taking this, so there wasn't any change in that. I haven't noticed any new fine lines or wrinkles on my face, so that is a bonus. I feel great, and seem to get more accomplished every day.

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    Neem & Moringa

    Posted by Lady Q on Jul 6th 2016

    These Neem and Moringa capsules are a very valuable nutritional supplement. Neem and Moringa are two things that many people do not know much about. I will not bore you by listing all of the benefits. They can be found by using a very minimal amount of research. I will just say that they are numerous and quite beneficial.

    My experience taking these capsules has been great. I have more energy. I also feel more alert. I have an overal sense of greater wellness, also.
    The capsules are easy to swallow. They do have a smell. However, the smell is that of herbs. This makes sense because this is an herbal, vegetarian supplement. I am pleased with my purchase.

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    A Perfect Marriage Made In Heaven

    Posted by Unknown on May 24th 2016

    What a unique coupling of The Ultimate Herb (High Potency Neem Leaf) and A Rising Star (Moringa Leaf) in the super food arena. I take three of these capsules everyday and love the results. The neem leaf keeps my body balanced with defensive properties and the moringa boosts my immune system while it gives me high levels of nourishment. I love the steady boost in my metabolism rate and the high levels of energy that this neem/moringa capsule provides along with the confidence knowing that it's benefits are perfect and natural. Registered & Protected