Neem Testimonials

We have received many testimonials throughout the years of changed circumstances and new beginnings, due to Neem. We want to know how Neem has enriched your life! Read below to see what others are saying...


Doing the 30 Neem Tea challenge was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Before Neem, we were tired most of the time, had little energy, took multiple naps a day and suffered a lot of aches and pains. I started my Neem challenge June 23, 2019 and my husband started his June 30, 2019. Within a few weeks we started feeling more energized physically and mentally. I would describe it as an overall sense of well being. We were able to start taking walks again with our little dog Tillie, something we hadn't done for a few years. We went to the state fair, visited the zoo and the Jefferson Bell Tower in Iowa. These are just a few of the things we are enjoying since taking the Neem Tea Challenge. Oh, and by the way I lost 24 pounds without dieting. But we didn't stop after 30 days. We continue to drink the tea every morning and take the Neem capsules every day. We also use Neem products from the shampoo and conditioner to the soap, tooth powder, body butter, deodorant, lotion and mosquito repellent just to name a few. They are great. No more itchy scalp and skin just soft and smooth. No dangerous chemicals to keep bugs away! Neem is the best. We are Neem users for life! 
Kathy and Norman Green
When I first began using Neem capsules in 2010, it was to gently detox and clean my system. My body responded quickly, and I noticed additional health improvements that wasn't anticipated. I was surprised and delighted that during peak allergy season, I didn't need allergy meds. Neem also restored balance to my autoimmune system. My skin flareups and leaky gut issues were greatly decreased. It was such a relief so simply feel better every day. Within my first year, Neem proved itself over and over in the health benefits it provides. It is now 10 years later, and I can't imagine going without it!
A. Franklin, Alexandria, VA
Neem has Enriched my life by giving me my Life & Health back! I was struggling daily with health issues - autoimmune disease, hashimoto's disease and hypothyroidism! The struggles were real - from getting out of bed daily, to stay awake throughout the day, to feeling ill everywhere in my body and even to my hair falling out! I was introduced to Neem by Pam “the Neem Queen” and at first, I just listened to her story then I decided to give it a try - what could it hurt, it was all natural! I have more energy, I have Fabulous hair, I get out of bed every morning and stay awake throughout the day, I sleep amazing and my blood tests are showing improvements every time I get my results- Neem has given me my Life and My Health back!  Written by A Forever NeemerAA
Neem has been an amazing herb that has given my system a healthy protection! I use the neem capsules daily - 2 in the morning on an empty stomach and as a retired art teacher, I rarely missed school as many around me were sick. If there was an outbreak at school or the house, I also have a cup of neem tea and a couple capsules before bed. I am also quick to reach for my neem tea (with honey & cinnamon!) when my stomach is not right due to a strange or spicy meal. The neem tea is quick to soothe!   My son who does 'Homes of Hope' mission work in Tijuana and other spots in the world uses neem capsules mainly to prevent any strange parasites in the water or food and he has been a healthy young man in missions! He still continues to take his neem capsules - 2 in the am & pm.
Barbara Leone
Life is a journey and the more you learn the more you know so the more you do, and life becomes happier and healthier. For my wife and I we began several years ago with a quest to eat clean and healthy, however we learned that would not be enough. So we turned to to get products that would NOT be putting the poisons and toxins back in our bodies through the use of soaps, shampoos and toothpaste. As we enjoyed these truly superior neem products, we soon discovered that ingesting neem directly through the extra strength capsules and drinking the neem tea, would enrich our lives with so many amazing benefits. Not only does this routine help us to feel a "little bit better" every day, but also every day we use it, the neem is cleansing and detoxifying all of those poisons that were sneaking into our bodies all those years. That's right, every day that we drink the neem tea and take the capsules, the neem is working to rid our bodies of the fluoride, mercury, bio-films and assorted other junk that had been killing us slowly for years. Neem is definitely a gift of healing from our creator and the folks at have certainly figured out how to harness that power and package it perfectly for our everyday use. We thank you so much for the gift of health.  Psalms/Tehillim 34:8 Oh, taste and see that YAH is good. Blessed is that man that takes refuge in Him! Shalom,
Timothy S Wyatt
Hi All,If you are considering Neem don't procrastinate like I did for two years before finally committing!!I buckled down and gave it my full effort for a full six weeks (my original and only goal), to see if I would really experience ANY health benefits...…let’s face it, I'm a skeptic!!Well I did start and let me tell you, I brewed it, cooled it down and gulped it (yes, it is very bitter and hard to start drinking with the taste). I started to notice first right at around two weeks that I could actually drink it without gulping and I started to look forward to my cup I drank every day, I now drink between two to three cups a day.I also noticed that when I watched my grandkids and they came over with the dreaded colds all Winter from school that I did NOT catch it as I normally would, not once, I believe the Neem had something to do with my staying healthy!!I woke up one morning with what I felt was a tooth ache and immediately started to panic, it was the weekend, no dentists offices were open and I don't do well with toothaches (I've not had one since I was a child thirty years ago). I sent Pam a message and she told me to swish with the Neem drops mixed in a little water, again I thought it would be a waste of time, yep, I'm a die hard skeptic to ANYTHING new!! It actually WORKED after I swished on and off for an hour, I made it through the weekend, PHEW!! I still drink Neem tea; I believe I feel better and after the sick grand kids and the toothache I am now a believer and will continue to drink it. If you’re on the fence give it a try, I wish I had done so two years earlier. Do I believe it’s a cure all? No, but I believe it does make a difference. 
I used Neem in a homemade salve with other natural ingredients that has been a boon to everyone I have given some to. I used it to help me heal after my injury at work. I have a friend that uses it on cold sores with great effectiveness. Of course, I also use Neem as a supplement in my diet and have very positive results for my own health because of it. Having been introduced to Neem a number of years ago and owning a small farm, I have used it to improve my animal’s health as well. It does such a good job of helping keep the animals parasite free without using lots of chemicals I would consider it indispensable for small farms and homesteads.
Brad Awbadyah ben Leroy Servant of Yah son of Leroy
Viva All About Neem!I love All About Neem. A super wide selection of made in USA all organic products created from American neem. The creams for my skin, the extracts for my abrasions and gums, the capsules for my blood and internal chemistry, and most of all neem leaf tea for my water intake. The Pain Relief Cream works wonders to eliminate charley horses cramps due to overworking because I feel so good. Neem water allows me to drink my recommended 64 ounces of water a day. Can’t do it with plain water. I call it “heavy water” because it sinks down through my body with no effort. And we all know that forcing water is absolutely essential for walking in good health. Brew 48 oz of water with 4 neem tea bags, pour it into 4 12 oz glasses,line them up in the kitchen (or 12 oz water bottles) and chug away throughout the day. I highly encourage everyone to get on the Neem Water Hydration program.  
Chug-a-lug! Doc Registered & Protected