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  • Neem Leaf Capsules and Neem leaf tea bags

Neem BIOFILM Blaster Combo

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Product Description

Are you ready to FEEL BETTER? Take the next step in your health journey by embarking on a mission to FEEL BETTER!! This combo contains Neem Capsules and Neem Tea, which are the two items most needed to jump start your health and improve gut flora. 120 ct Capsules and 15 ct Neem Queen tea bags included - Individually Wrapped For Travel!. Do them both each day to see your health start improving.

Neem Capsules Information

Just when we didn’t think it could get much better, it did!  All About Neem is introducing a new and improved, super charged Organic Neem Leaf Capsules.  Each capsule now holds 1500 mg of the organic neem leaf extract and neem leaf powder!   So if you are looking for to jump start your journey to good health, starting your detox or cleanse or just looking for a high potency Neem Capsule, this is what you are looking for. 

Neem is considered to be one of the most generally useful herbs in the world, with a history of use in the Ayurvedic tradition.  Neem supports proper immune system function and as part of a diet to maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range. 


Each capsule contains: 340 mg Neem Leaf Powder and 58 mg Neem Leaf Extract (20:1 Leaf Powder)
(58 mg of Neem Leaf extract is equivalent to 1160 mg of Neem Leaf Powder.)

Each Capsule: 1,500mg


Take 2-3 capsules daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare provider.

All Natural Ingredients
Azadirachta indica (neem) Leaf
Azadirachta indica (neem) Extract
Hypromellose (capsule)

Vegetarian Capsules. Cruelty Free. Never been tested on animals. Contains NO corn, soy, salt, yeast, sugar, wheat, egg, dairy products, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. *The presence of the Neem extract significantly increases the potency of this product.

This product should not be consumed by pregnant or lactating women.


Neem Tea Bags Information

Individually Wrapped Neem Leaf Tea bags- For hot or cold tea, drink plain or add your favorite additions like lemon, cinnamon or honey.  

The Neem Queen has searched high and low to find the best quality neem leaves to make prepared neem tea bags to use for hot or cold tea. Neem has also been used in baths and tubs to help with a variety of skin conditions.

Did you know NEEM has been used in India for holistic and medicinal care of humans and animals for over 3600 years? Literally, every part of the tree – the bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, has a use in agriculture, healing and medicine Neem is highly beneficial for humans and animals alike. The entire tree has medicinal properties: the fruits, leaves and pruned branches that are used.

Neem is a tree of renewable resources that also plays an important part in reforestation and wasteland restoration programs. . Walk in good health!

All Natural Ingredients
Azadirachta indica (neem) Leaves (tea cut)

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Product Videos

Inhibit Intestinal Biofilm with Neem “The Village Pharmacy” | John Douillard's LifeSpa 08:26

Inhibit Intestinal Biofilm with Neem “The Village Pharmacy” | John Douillard's LifeSpa Read the associated article: https://lifespa.com/inhibit-intestinal-biofilms-neem/ Sign up for our free weekly video newsletter: http://lifespa.com/newsletter-signup Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dr.douillard Follow @JohnDouillard on Twitter Learn more about Ayurveda: http://lifespa.com/about-lifespa/ayurveda/what-is-ayurveda/ Eating out of season and being disconnected with nature’s cycles may be behind unwanted bacterial biofilms building up in the intestines. Biofilms are naturally-occurring bacterial colonies that form in both humans and the environment. They are basically slimy, glue-like, protective sheaths that bacterial organisms form around themselves. By being proactive with your diet, you can make great strides in ensuring gut and immune health by empowering the body’s natural defenses against unwanted bacterial biofilm build-up. Perhaps the simplest way to accomplish this is to eat what’s in season. Print my Spring and Summer Grocery Lists here and start eating the way mother nature originally intended, or sign up for my free monthly seasonal eating guide, The 3 Season Challenge. For thousands of years, Ayurveda has used one spring- and summer-harvested herb to create the perfect intestinal environment for healthy digestion, elimination, and immunity. This herb was traditionally dubbed “The Village Pharmacy,” acclaimed for its ability to support numerous organs and organ systems of the body. In this article and video, I will share the science now revealing the mechanism behind the many benefits of this herb. RELATED ARTICLES: How to Prevent Seasonal Allergies -- https://lifespa.com/episode-54-how-to-prevent-seasonal-allergies/ Ayurvedic Natural Remedies for Occasional Heartburn -- https://lifespa.com/ayurvedic-natural-remedies-occasional-heartburn/ Find the Best Herbs for Your Digestive Symptoms -- https://lifespa.com/perfecting-digestion-with-herbs/

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Product Reviews


    Posted by Queenie on May 15th 2019

    I have been making the finest Neem Capsules and Neem Leaf Tea that this world has to offer.for over a decade. My capsules and teas are the freshest, greenest, cleanest and so beneficial and I made each and every NEEM QUEEN product for ME and for YOU. Take the first step to FEEL just a little bit better than you do right now and give NEEM a chance. Sipping a cup of neem leaf tea every morning or right before bed time is a great STEP in the FEEL BETTER direction and this choice encourages your body to relax, digest and eliminate your foods. I have even suggested holding the nose while getting used to the taste of NEEM Queen Tea or doubling up on Neem Leaf capsules that can be swallowed easily and designed to stay down. The BIOFILM BLASTER COMBO combines the two things that promotes FEELING BETTER and a desire to WAlK IN GOOD HEALTH! TAKE the NEEM QUEEN CHALLENGE for 30 days and FEEL just a little bit better every day! I promise!

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