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Thank you for enrolling as a Founding All About Neem Affiliate member! Enrolling early has its privileges and the Neem Queen wants to reward you for all your efforts in sharing All About Neem products.  As a Founder Affiliate, you receive the exclusive, additional bonus of earning 10% FREE Product Rewards Points based on your affiliate commission.  The Free Product Rewards Points are set to accumulate 1 point for every $1 spent. Points can be redeemed for instore credit at 100 = $5.00. 

Your Product Rewards Credit is applied toward the purchase of All About Neem products.  Points can be used toward any product purchase (excluding BOGO offers, tax, and shipping fees).  Points are good for as long as you are actively receiving commissions in the All About Neem Affiliate Program and comply with all Terms of Agreement within the AAN Affiliate Program. 

Welcome to All About Neem's 'Neem Team' Affiliate Program
All About Neem is a family - owned and operated business focused on providing the finest quality Neem Healthy and Beauty Products to the world.

Caring for yourself and your family using natural means to maintain good health is the goal of many today. At All About Neem our mission is simple, to “Neem the World” by providing natural and beneficial neem products to improve your health.  All of our products are American-made, and we would love the opportunity to educate anyone interested in the benefits of Neem! Our Affiliate program was created to recognize long-term customers who are our primary source of referrals and to expand the general knowledge of neem through relationships with other websites. All affiliates must meet stringent standards of excellence and commitment, as well as adhering to outstanding customer service.

What is an Affiliate Program?
An Affiliate Program is a way to track online referral sales using an affiliate software system. When an affiliate shares their personal link, and a client clicks on it, and then places an order on All About Neem’s website, the affiliate receives a percentage of the sale. We also have a code that can be used at checkout. You don’t need to be super tech savvy, but you do need to know basic website management, know how to copy and paste to social media, or have someone who can manage these for you. An Affiliate will be sent links and banners to use on their website. These links will include All About Neem Product Pages, All About Neem Homepage, All About Neem Blog and/ or our educational guides and benefit information.

How do I join the affiliate program?
By Completing the affiliate signup form, for free! Once you do this you are automatically bound by the terms of All About Neem Affiliate Agreement. Your participation in the program is solely for the purpose of legally advertising our website to receive commission on products purchased by individuals you refer, and purchase items through your link or checkout code.

Payment Schedule - All eligible payments of affiliate monies due for orders generated as a result of affiliate links will be held for 30 days after the shipping date of an order. Orders typically ship 1-7 days after an order is placed. This timeframe allows us ample time to compensate for returns, exchanges or cancelled orders. Payments will be calculated, and funds deposited in affiliate PayPal account, or sent a check via USPS, on a monthly basis, according to the terms and conditions of the All About Neem Affiliate Agreement.

Eligible Affiliate Payments - payment to affiliate will not be rendered for amounts less than $25.00 USD commission. If your affiliate funds are less than $25.00. Then your account will carry over into the next month’s cycle. When your account total reaches $25.00 or more, funds will be deposited in your PayPal Account, or sent a check via USPS, in accordance with our payment schedule.

Application Approval Process - There may be instances when we deny applications, this is done only after careful evaluation, and when it is in everyone’s best interest. We appreciate you and want you to see the best results possible for your efforts. 

If you are excited about the opportunity of ‘Neeming the World’ by being an extension of the All About Neem family and joining our affiliate group, get started by signing up below.  

Walk in Good Health!
Pam, The Neem Queen 

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