Enjoy the Outdoors, Bug Free- All About Neem Newsletter

Enjoy the Outdoors, Bug Free- All About Neem Newsletter

The Neem Queen on Jun 11th 2016

The Neem Queen's Weekly Newsletter- June 2016

Don't let bugs hold you back from enjoying the outdoors.  Check out The Neem Queen's latest Newsletter on how to protect your family and pets from pesky bugs and mostiquitos this summer....deet free!


Don't let BUGS hold You back from Enjoying the great outdoors!

Wren applies Neem Buzz Off Mosquito Spray then braves a run through wooded trails for a 5.5 mile run! Buzz Off Neem Oil Bug Spray

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Customer Questions on Natural Health and Beauty Products

Question: Why does my old face cream have artificial colors and preservatives?

Answer: Natural Health and Beauty Products (N.H.B.P.) are rapidly becoming the first choice for health conscious people. Savvy consumers have caught onto the fact that products they buy off the shelf may have natural ingredients’ but... READ MORE

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Check out The Neem Team Girls and their insight on how they love and use the Neem Oil Buzz Off Mostiquito and bug spray.  

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