How does Neem Improve your Gums and Teeth?

The Neem Queen on Mar 28th 2016

The link between gum disease and oral cancer has been clear for some time. Now the latest research also links poor oral hygiene to increase cancer risk throughout the body, including breast cancer.

The danger occurs if you don't brush and floss effectively.

According to health care professionals and featured on Dr Oz, besides flossing & brushing, add this secret weapon, Neem bark extract and Neem Bark Tooth powder. Neem Bark extract acts as an anti-inflammatory to prevent gum disease and can be ordered online.

Studies show that using Neem can:

  • prevent and heal gum disease
  • prevent cavities
  • eliminate bacteria from adhering to your teeth (reduce plaque)
  • enhance mouth immunity in general
  • and freshens breath! Registered & Protected