How to make Neem Tea

How to make Neem Tea

The Neem Queen on Mar 2nd 2020

Neem Tea Recipe: How to make Neem Tea

There are probably as many ways to brew neem tea as there are countries where neem is known as the “healer of all ailments.” Neem tea has been made using Neem tea bags, Whole Fresh Neem leaves, Tea Cut Neem Leaves and Neem Leaf Powder. The easiest way to brew a single cup of neem tea is to use our premium pyramid Neem tea bags and have included instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of neem tea using the top five brewing methods.

To learn more about the benefits of neem tea, read more here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most people are more likely to enjoy the taste of a weaker neem tea rather than a strong one. Over-cooking or increasing the amount of neem leaves makes the tea much more bitter. Add your favorite sweetener & there’s no reason to strain the neem tea because the heavy whole neem leaf will remain in the bottom of the cup.

Here’s a handy chart that covers these directions as well as other options for making neem tea:

For larger quantities, it’s easiest to use an automatic drip coffee maker by cleaning the basket well so to minimize any coffee taste in your neem tea, then fill the water receptacle. Put a handful of neem leaves in the coffee pot – not the basket – and turn on the machine. Allow neem leaves to steep for about five minutes, then serve. If you expect to use the neem tea over a period of time, refrigerate to keep it tasting fresh.

  • Neem Leaf Tea Bags: One neem tea bag, one cup of warm water, two tablespoons of honey, prefereably organic, a pinch of cinnamon and one tablespoon of orange blossom water. First, heat your water until it becomes warm, then while still on the stove, add your neem teabag and gently stir. Turn off the heat and add drink plain or add the honey, cinnamon and orange blossom water.
  • Fresh Whole Dried Neem Leaf:Place five neem leafs in a cup of hot water, allow to cool, then sweeten to taste. Feel free to add other tea or fruit flavors. Neem taste may be stronger but you can add more water or use less leaf the next time you brew tea.
  • Tea-cut dried neem leaf: Use a heaping 1⁄4 teaspoon of our bulk dried neem per cup of water.
  • Neem leaf powder: Use 1⁄4 teaspoon per cup of hot water. Allow to cool.
  • Organic Neem Leaf capsules work great!  Open capsule and pour into hot water.  Not a fan of Neem Tea?  You aren't alone, taking a Neem Leaf Capsules will also provide the great cleansing and medicinal benefits of Neem.

However you choose to make your neem tea, remember that your plants will enjoy the leftovers. You do not need to throw away the neem when you've finished making your tea, simply pour it on the soil of your least-happy houseplant. Neem becomes a systemic pesticide that is taken up by the roots and boosts the plants’s immunity.

I hope you have enjoy the Neem Queen’s tips on how to make the perfect cup of neem tea and will return to to review your experience with others.

Walk in Good Health!

What does Neem Tea Taste like?  Check out these 'first sip' clips below.

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