Busy mom stumbles upon a natural hangover cure

Busy mom stumbles upon a natural hangover cure

Alicia on Dec 17th 2016

The Ultimate Hangover Helper!

Attention Adults! over 21 years of age - Are there times when you might have consumed a few too many Adult Beverages? You know what I mean, when that wine is so smooth that you have a 3rd glass when really you should have stopped at the first or second. You are not thinking about the long list of morning errands, or what time your early birds will rise in the morning with their tiny little faces beaming. Mary must be at a cross country race at 6 am, Billy needs to be at the soccer field all day for 3 games and somewhere in between you have to run errands, make meals, wash dishes, do laundry, doctor visits and pay bills. CHEERS!

Is this your life? Well, it is mine and I don’t have time to call in sick! So, what does this have to do with Neem and hangovers?

I’m happy to answer that question!

About 3 months ago my husband and I went out for date night, this time he was the designated driver. It was great to be relaxed, enjoying that 3rd glass of wine, with no cares in the world, we had a fabulous time!

The next morning my alarm woke me up, bright and early to get kids to practice. WOW! Did my head hurt! My overall body was yuck, I felt nauseous, exhausted and had a pounding head. I dragged myself out of bed and remembered something a close friend told me... Neem Tea completely dissolves hangover symptoms. Skeptical but desperate, I brewed a fresh cup of Neem Tea.

Within 30 minutes I was feeling great- headache gone, body aches gone, and I was ready to take on the world! I thought to myself, “wow, that is amazing, but I am sure to crash later, or start feeling bad again in a few hours”. Butto my surprise, when I finally sat down after a long day of playing chauffeur, chef, cheerleader, etc., I never had that headache come back, I felt great and all those symptoms from a hangover literally vanished 30 minutes after I had my cup of Neem Tea.

WOW!!! I shared this with my husband, his response “yeah right”

So last month when my husband had a few too many beers, he woke up the next morning feeling the effects of a hangover and I simply handed him a fresh brewed cup of Neem Tea.

About 45 minutes later, my skeptical husband pulled me in close for a hug and said “Thank you so much, I feel great! My headache is gone, and I feel SO much better! What in the world was in that tea?” I replied fresh, pure Neem Leaves! He sat for a moment and said “We have found our hangover cure!” 

So, if you enjoy any alcoholic beverages during this holiday, I give you this piece of advice, if you drink, drink responsibly!

Make sure to have a Designated Driver to get you home and drink a cup of Neem Tea in the morning to help you get rid of your hangover naturally.


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