How to Kill Lice Naturally with Neem

How to Kill Lice Naturally with Neem

The Neem Queen on Aug 11th 2016

Symptoms of Lice:

You will have this need to scratch and scratch but some do not have any symptoms at all. Lice is

sometimes not visible but you can look for eggs or nits, these are the hatched empty shells. Be sure to

check behind the ears and back of the neck and close to the scalp.

How does Lice spread?

Lice can transfer from one head to another through direct head to head contact, or by sharing personal

care items, and by interaction with fabric that contains lice. These parasites need human blood to

survive and will die if not on a host 2-3 days later.

Head Lice Treatment

Most will turn to the tried and true method, over the counter treatment but these contain harsh

chemicals. Putting the chemicals onto your skin and hair is not good for you and most times prove

ineffective. BUT I have something that is the perfect solution for that, Neem Oil. This is a natural solution

to treat and prevent head lice and has been proven, over and over to be effective.

Neem Oil

This is the most effective method for lice, not only can you treat your head for the parasite but also your

body. Neem contains Azadirachtin, which is an insecticidal ingredient, this will interrupt the growth of

the lice parasite, eventually killing them. In studies, Neem has been shown to stop the swallowing

system of lice, this is from drinking the purified blood of the host. The strong odor that Neem Oil has is a

deterrent for the lice parasite keeping them from coming onto your head. Getting rid of the lice parasite

with Neem Oil is important but also the healing and soothing aspects are important. Neem Oil will treat

and prevent the lice parasite but will also ease the irritation caused by the scratching, the natural fatty

acids moisturize the scalp and create a beautiful shine to your hair.

How to make you own Natural Lice Treatment and prevention solution.

To Use: Take an empty bottle, add Neem Oil and Coconut Oil, half and half portions. Rub into the scalp,

leave on the hair for at least 1 hour, use a lice comb to remove all the dead Nits. Rinse and then

shampoo and condition with Neem products. This process can be repeated every day during an

outbreak but also on a monthly preventive method.

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