How to Use Neem Leaves For Bathing and Pain

How to Use Neem Leaves For Bathing and Pain

The Neem Queen on Aug 25th 2016

If you have never experienced any sort of muscle strain, pulled back or joint pain then you should count your blessings. While some strains may be mild, others can leave you immobile for days and in pain for weeks. Years ago, while in college, I was involved in two pretty serious car accidents, one from behind and one crash hitting me directly from the driver's side door. Thankfully, I was young and could rebound pretty well but the older I get the more pain I feel throughout my neck and back. Today I’m going to tell you how I have used neem to help relieve pain in my neck and back.

To help relax and soothe my muscle pain and joint pain, I decided what I needed was to take nice hot bath. There are many benefits of Neem Oil for pain relief and so instead of taking a plain bath, I decided to give Neem a shot and reap the benefits of Neem for my pain and for my skin.

What are the benefits of Neem leaves you ask? Well, Neem leaves have been used for years to help in getting rid of skin problems like blackheads, pigmentation, dullness and aging, thus leaving the skin with a youthful glow. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of neem also helps moisturizes skin, clears acne, tones skin and has also assists in clearing rosacea, jock itch, athletes foot, cracking skin and other skin infections. Neem leaves moisturize the skin in keeping it supple and soft. They are effective for lightening scars and pigmentation caused by acne and scabies. This can even be used to treat minor wounds.

Other studies have shown that the polysaccharides in neem reduce the inflammation and swelling that occur in arthritis. Not only does neem help reduce inflammation; it also has pain suppressing properties. Neem can also help create a balance in the immune system, directly affecting the progression of arthritis.

I happened to have some Neem Tub Tea bags handy which has a mix of Neem Leaves and Neem Leaf powder. It comes in a reusable bag so I can refill with either whole neem leaves or tea cut neem leaves and neem leaf powder and save money. When I am done with the bath, I actually take the used leaves and put them in the garden as an insect repellent and fertilizer.

Since I love the smell of lavender I used some Dr Teal’s Lavender Pure Epsom Salt Foaming Bath to add another level of amazing to my few minutes of quiet time. You can add any other essential oils you have handy to your neem tea bath to create your own personal spa.

Directions on how to make a Neem Tea Tub Bath are easy.

Drop your tea bag or tea ball into a warm bath and let steep for 5-10 minutes, or until the bath water has changed color very slightly. Keep in mind that the first use will be the most potent, but you can reuse each tea bag for 2 or 3 baths and still reap the benefits.

If you don’t have the Neem Tub Tea Bags, use whole neem leaves or tea cut neem leaves in a reusable bag so they don’t make a huge mess of your tub.

After having the most amazing, neem and lavender bubble bath, kid free and listening to some classical music I felt rejuvenated, relaxed and ready for bed.

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