Neem Beer now being served at a University in India

Neem Beer now being served at a University in India

The Neem Queen on Mar 24th 2017

Within the last week, we’ve shared three areas where Neem is making an appearance in fashion, entertainment and health. We were excited to hear of a new designer who has incorporated using herbs like neem and tulsi in the new clothing line collection and has developed a ‘non-toxic’ range for women. A visit to Disney Epcot exposed several Neem trees in their greenhouses and was able to see firsthand how Disney’s horticulturalists are using innovative growing techniques, including USING NEEM OIL for natural and organic pest control. Another great article covered how Neem has been used in the treatment of Chickenpox.

Neem Beer being extracted from a Neem Tree in India

So move on to this week and we find that Neem has made it into the food and drink industry. What?! Well, if you have ever tasted neem, you probably know it is an acquired taste. What does Neem taste like? Well, it’s very, very bitter, one of the six tastes recognized in the Ayurvedic palette. We’ve captured several of our first time Neem Team members reactions to their first sip of Neem Tea, check them out here. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon an article about Neem beer and how people are lining up to fill their buckets and bottles full of a liquid seeping from a University Neem Tree.

A couple of news outlets have covered this amazing Neem discovery and researchers are testing the oozing white substance to determine why these Neem Trees are producing this new ‘neem beer’. Patrons of the free neem booze bar, have said the taste isn’t as bitter and is intoxicating plus has the added medicinal purposes that neem provides. To read more about this and watch a video on how the neem liquid is extract, click on the links below.


Free ‘beer’ from neem tree in North Campus keeping Delhi Univ’s spirits high

Ever tasted Neem-Beer? This Neem Tree in Dehli University is offering free drinks!

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