Neem in the News- Latest news on how Neem is impacting the world

Neem in the News- Latest news on how Neem is impacting the world

The Neem Queen on Apr 19th 2020

Wow, this is not what we expected 2020 to be like but it has been a great eye opener for many when it comes to the benefits of neem. The news has been covering Coronavirus 24/7, businesses are closing their doors, people are staying home and personal hygiene is one of the easiest ways to keep germs at bay. Many articles can be intimidating and even scary, outlining the effects of Covid19, hospital bed and ventilator shortages and symptoms. However, there are many new articles published talking about prevention, boosting your immunity, what you can do while at home and how Neem can play a part in prevention and recovery.

We’ve done some digging and found some of the latest articles on Neem in the News. These articles cover everything from things to do while in ‘lockdown’, using neem to improve your face and skin, antibacterial properties of neem and so much more. Happy Reading!

Use of neem and black salt will show glow on the skin, if used this way

Learn how neem and black salt can be used to help cleanse and clear your skin.

Indiginous masks can do wonders!

Boiling materials like neem leaves, tea leaves, basil (tulsi) leaves, turmeric (haladi), mint (pudina), bark of pomegranate, aloe vera, honey etc in water for sometime makes the solution an active disinfectant – Textile researcher Dr Jayanta Dev Sarma

Tips for your kitchen garden during lockdown

Growing your own vegetables not only ensures fresh food, but also helps calm the mind. Read more about how neem oil can help your kitchen garden flourish.

COVID-19: How to Prepare Your System For a New Virus Never Seen Before

Boosting your immunity is essential to staying strong in the event that you may contract the COVID-19 viral infection to ensure that your symptoms remain mild and that you recover quickly.

Immunity Boosting: This Delicious Neem Chutney Can Be Your Go-To Accompaniment For Every Meal

Cooking with Neem….we can honestly say we haven’t personally consumed neem other than drinking it in tea or capsule The growing Coronavirus scare has impacted the lifestyles of people globally. People are suddenly moving towards healthier food options, home-cooked food, and most importantly, immunity-boosting foods. Neem chutney is an excellent way to add neem to our regular diet without the bitterness!

Coronavirus Tips to Boost Your Immunity

While staying at home has been the only option left out with us, why not invest upon boosting our immunity with vitamin C and that of some easily available ayurvedic herbs that are sure to help you cope up with the panademic terror.

Importance of Sleep to stay well and boost immunity

This was news to us, this company uses Neem in their mattresses! WoW! It prevents breeding of germs while the air mesh fabric in certain models improves hygiene and air circulation in the mattress. This helps you stay away from allergies and keeps you healthy.

Coronavirus tips: 12 ways to keep you safe in home

There are so many great ways to keep you safe at home and this article talks about how to use neem to disinfect your surroundings without using harsh chemicals. Use neem water to bathe and disinfect the surroundings. Neem (Azadirachta indica) is recognised as a medicinal plant well known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

COVID-19: Gaya is using drones to sanitise streets, buildings using Neem

This company has deployed two drones to sanitise residential localities, buildings and streets using Neem.

Beauty begins at home

Look after yourself and feel good in the times of lockdown using neem and other natural resources.

This home remedy can eliminate malaria from root

There are many types of diseases all over the world and medicines have been made for them, but there are many people who still believe in Ayurvedic things. Neem is used as a great medicine and it has a lot of importance. Neem is a perfect medicine and its leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, branches etc. all work as medicines. Constipation can be relieved by consumption of neem, from malaria, jaundice, leprosy, headache, dental diseases and skin diseases. So let's know some home remedies that you can do with Neem.

Now more than ever, it's vital that we take care of our health, mind, and body. With the right information and support, we can become the healthiest and strongest versions of ourselves.

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