Top Ten Neem Products for a Healthy New Year and New You!

Top Ten Neem Products for a Healthy New Year and New You!

The Neem Queen on Dec 31st 2020

Top Ten All About Neem Products for a Healthy "New You" Year

Feeling a little sluggish and full during the holidays? Looking for a way to improve your health, body and mind? Then look no 

Healthy New you with the best Neem Products for Hair, Skin and Health

further and learn about all that Neem has to offer and see our picks for the Top Ten ‘All About Neem’ Products for a Healthy and Happy New You this coming year. Make today your day that you commit to taking care of your skin, hair, health and teeth naturally.

  1. Neem Leaf Capsules- Neem leaf capsules are the most convenient way to regularly introduce Neem into your system. These capsules should be taken daily just like vitamins to cleanse, detox and purify your body naturally. Uncertain how to use neem, check out What is Neem Used for?
  2. Neem Starter Kit- Not sure where to start with Neem and beginning your journey of walking in good health? The Neem Starter Kit, named one of our ‘best bang for the buck’ items, has exactly what you need to start cleansing your body inside and out. Learn about all the benefits of Neem with a Neem, Hands on Guide and start using our most popular products and experience improved health and revitalized energy.
  3. Neem Tea- Drinking Neem tea has many health benefits that target specific conditions such as: proven Bacterial Infections, Viral Infections, Fungal Infections, Parasitic Infections, a cough and cold remedy, and for gastric problems. Not only does it have numerous health benefits, it’s a perfect way to start your day drinking it either hot or cold.
  4. Neem Soap- Neem Oil shown many great benefits when it comes to skin health and improvement. Using a natural, chemical free Neem Oil soap is a must if you have sensitive and problem skin and looking for a way to revitalize and heal rough skin. Benefits of Neem for Skin.
  5. Neem Tub Tea- Who doesn’t just love a nice hot and soothing bath? Why not incorporate a Neem Tub Tea bag to your bathing routine which can relieve itching caused by dry skin, poison ivy, rosacea and psoriasis. Helps relieve sore muscles and strains too! Directions on how to make your own Neem Tub Tea bath.
  6. Neem Tooth Powder- It is wonderful to be able to clean your teeth with natural products that won't harm your mouth or disease your body. Even Dr Oz has shared all the wonderful benefits of Neem Bark and how they improve the overall health of your gums and teeth. Learn more about Neem Toothpowder here or here.
  7. Neem Deodorant-Finally a safe, natural deodorant that works anywhere on your body! Our formula contains eight natural antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic ingredients that work in conjunction to combat body odor and kill pathogens; as well as heal and sooth the skin. Works on all areas of the body that are prone to sweat and odor.....even your feet! Curious about using an aluminum free deodorant? Learn more here.
  8. Neem Cream- It’s not always possible to carve out the time to take a neem tea bath, so there are many different types of Neem Oil creams that also specialize in attacking different skin ailments. Neem contains Vitamin C, which helps in getting rid of skin problems like blackheads, pigmentation, dullness and aging, thus leaving the skin with a youthful glow. Learn more here.
  9. Neem Buzz Off- Neem oil has been used for thousands of years as a natural bug repellent. Neem Buzz off is a all natural, chemical free, neem bug spray that not only works but is safe for babies, kids, adults and pets…..and smells good! Learn why we chose to make a Neem, Deet Free Bug Spray here.
  10. Neem Oil- If there is one herb which should be in your beauty cabinet, it is neem. Apart from its various health benefits, neem also has immense benefits for your skin an especially your hair and scalp. Whether it is pimples, annoying blackheads, fine lines, dandruff, hair loss – and you are looking for an effective natural remedy, look for nothing other than neem leaves, neem oil or other great neem health products.

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