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What do you do for your kids before and after school to protect from germs?

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Ask The Neem Queen….What do you do for your kids before and after school?

When you walk the aisles at the stores, look at the shelves you see nothing but processed and artificial products to “protect” our kids. I ask myself why I would put this product on my children when I know the Earth gives us NEEM. This amazing plant produces a wonderful product that I use on my kids in a natural way every day. Let me give you a walk-through of what a normal day is like in our NEEM world and give you a few tips on staying healthy throughout the school year.

During the school year I wash their clothes in NEEM leaves, in my opinion this is the first step into protecting the outside of my kids. Every morning before we leave the house I have them each take two sips from my NEEM tea, this way I know I am getting NEEM into their inside as well. When we get to school, I rub my NEEM Oil blend (coconut oil, lavender oil and NEEM oil) onto their wrists and neck and also a quick spray of NEEM extract all over them, including the hair.

In the afternoon the moment my girls enter the van we spray them down with NEEM extract and then they also sanitize their hands with NEEM hand sanitizer. They know the routine before walking into the house is to wash their hands with the foaming NEEM soap in the garage. Every night we take a NEEM tea bath, bathe with NEEM bar soap and use the Neem Herbal Essentials Shampoo/Conditioner. (read How We Overcame Lice Naturally with Neem)

We all know how parasites like to attach to a host and work their way into the body. Remember the key is to keep the inside and outside of the body purified.

If you have any tips on how you protect your family from germs and viruses, please share!  We love learning new ways of staying safe naturally.   

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