Why should you choose a aluminum free neem deodorant?

Why should you choose a aluminum free neem deodorant?

The Neem Queen on Sep 11th 2016

Have you ever stood in the store, staring at the dozens of different choices of deodorants and antiperspirants and wondering which to get? Did you ever wonder what the difference was between a deodorant and an antiperspirant? Why do some contain aluminum and others don’t? Why should you use aluminum free deodorant?

According to Sweatology, “Most of the time aluminum plays an essential ingredient in manufacturing a deodorant. Deodorant containing aluminum kills the bacteria (which causes bad odor) and it controls sweat. However, during this process the aluminum makes a short-term coat over sweat pores. This way it affects the natural mechanism of sweating in the body. Using of deodorant with aluminum can develop medical problems-affecting the lymph glands. Aluminum is absorbed in the cells of the body very easily and so, the body also tends to absorb the harmful compounds through deodorant.”

Deodorant containing aluminum can be one of the cause of some harmful diseases such as Breast Cancer, kidney problems and Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are just a few reasons why you should use aluminum free deodorant.

Benefits of Aluminum Free Deodorant:

  1. Reduced risk of brain metabolic disorders. Deodorants which contains aluminum affects the neurons (creating neurological problems) as well because aluminum is absorbed in the body easily. Whereas, the use of aluminum free deodorant like-natural deodorant does not get absorb in the body and so, it reduces the risk of brain metabolic disorders.
  2. Clear and unclog under arm pores- Allowing your pores to open up can be important for skin health. There are countless treatments available now to open your pores on your face. Why should the rest of your body have any less attention?
  3. Prevents breast cancer. While there hasn’t been a proven scientific link between aluminum and breast cancer, there is a strong belief that antiperspirants that contain aluminum can increase your risk of causing breast cancer. The usage of aluminum free deodorant reduces the risk of breast cancer and eliminates harmful ingredients and toxins. Cancer-causing chemicals can be absorbed through small abrasions in the skin, and locked into the body by antiperspirant, as your body cannot sweat it out. Because the armpits are so close to the lymph nodes and breasts, you can have toxins build up there, leading to your cells mutating into cancer.
  4. Odor protection- Don’t just mask odor, prevent it! Many natural deodorants, including our Neem Lemongrass deodorant, prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming, rather than simply covering up the smell.
  5. Healthy lymph nodes- Balanced lymph nodes are important for many different reasons, not simply for breast cancer.
  6. Lower your risk of Alzheimer’s.There have been studies that have noticed that there may be a correlation between Alzheimer’s Disease and high aluminum diseases. As Alzheimer’s is becoming more and more prevalent, and people are becoming affected at a younger age, we should reduce our chances of being exposed in any way we can.
  7. Breastfeeding mothers reduce chemicals passed on to children. When you’re breastfeeding, what goes into your body goes into your child’s body. Whatever toxins you’re taking in are passed on to your growing baby.
  8. Chemotherapy patients reduce their chemical intake. If you are undergoing radiation, you want to eliminate as many other chemicals entering your body as you can. By getting rid of toxins entering your body through deodorant, you can reduce the strain on your body.
  9. Natural fragrance. Natural, aluminum free deodorants are scented with essential oils, not fragrances. You may not know, but when manufacturers list “fragrances” on their ingredients, they are not required to say exactly what they are putting into their product, meaning there could be a list of a hundred things included that they don’t have to tell you about.

There are so many reasons why using a natural, aluminum free deodorant can benefits your health. So next time you are standing there staring aimlessly in the deodorant aisle, you will have more information and knowledge so you can narrow down your options and improve your overall health.

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