Finch Feeder Bags "Homestead Cling-N-Feed" Thistle 3 Pack PLUS 1 FREE

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Product Description

Homestead Cling N Feed Thistle Sak - Refillable Finch Feeder Feed your song birds the easy, economical Homestead way!

The soft mesh design of our thistle feeder bag allows song birds and finches to cling and eat, but discourages other birds from stealing the seed. Finches of all sizes easily cling onto the durable nylon bag to feed. Some seed feeders have larger holes making it easy for seeds to fall out. This creates expensive seed waste as it robs your birds of food and your wallet of money! Our natural cream color, fine nylon mesh design holds thistle seed better and reduces wasted seed. It also provides maximum airflow so your thistle seed stays fresh and dry.

Your song birds and wallet will both be much happier!

This package contains 3 Homestead Cling N Feed Thistle Saks (seed not included). Each 3" X 11" bag holds up to 3 Cups of thistle seed. Our soft cling and feed bags are cleverly constructed with a 32" draw string closure as an adjustable loop for hanging.

Want more delightful song birds in your yard? Consider buying 2, 3 Packs of Homestead Cling and Feed Thistle Saks! Fill the sacks with seed and enjoy the show, as songbirds flock to your feeders to fill your yard with sweet music!

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