The BESORAH Coin - One Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver

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The Besorah Coin: Limited Edition. One Troy Ounce. .999 Fine Silver : Numbered

Gift Box and Certificate of Authenticity: MY people shall know MY NAME!

John 12:28 and John 17:26

Tehillim (Psalms)138:2 -  Page 803 of The BESORAH

I bow myself toward 

YOUR set-apart Hekal and

Give thank to YOUR NAME

For YOUR kindness

and for YOUR truth;

For You have made great

YOUR WORD, YOUR NAME, above all. 

Malachi 3:1-2-3 PAGE 719 The BESORAH

----------BESORAH - GOOD NEWS - MESSAGE----------

The definitive Hebrew-roots translation of the MESSAGE to mankind. The Hebrew word for message or report: BESORAH. — This is a new English Translation of the complete 66 books of Scripture restoring the Personal Name of the Creator to the text in palaeo-Hebrew script. The Name of Israels Deliverer, YAHUSHA, is revealed in the title of this translation because in researching the inspired Word we find He is the object of all the Scriptures.

The Name YOD-HAY-UAU-HAY (Yahuah) is found at least 6,823 times in the TaNaKh. The Mashiach of Yisrael has a Name that means Yah is our Deliverer, spelled YOD-HAY-UAU-SHIN-AYIN.

It happens to be the very same spelling in Hebrew as the man called Joshua, which is found in the TaNaKh 218 times. In 216 of these instances, this mans name is spelled YOD-HAY-UAU-SHIN-AYIN (Yahusha), and in 2 instances it is spelled YOD-HAY-UAU-SHIN-UAU-AYIN (Yahushua). So, both are acceptable. The Greek influences on the transliterations in this work will not be found. The Hebrew roots of the faith and the restoration of the two houses of Yisrael through the Covenant are emphasized in this witness to the world Registered & Protected