The Neem Queen Tea 30 Day Challenge To Feel Better

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The "One Cup A Day" Benefits of Neem Tea
Neem tea starts to benefit your body from the first sip! Here are just a few of the benefits of enjoying a cup of Neem tea each day:

  • Improves Oral Health - Neem’s anti-bacterial properties infuse with saliva to kill bacteria that create gum disease, throat inflammation and tooth decay. It also naturally freshens your breath!
  • Aids Digestion - Neem’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties sooth and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. Neem also kills the bacteria that contribute to ulcers and food poisoning.
  • Purifies the Blood - Neem detoxifies the blood by assisting the body to release toxins and pathogens. Follow up your cup of Neem tea with a large class of water to help your body in the cleansing process.
  • Balances Body Chemistry - Neem helps normalize blood sugar levels in diabetics. It also naturally boosts the immune system.

Neem tea naturally provides so many health benefits, promotes well-being & a possibility of Feeling Good!!

The Neem Queen Tea Challenge for Better Health
Are you ready to improve your health a little bit each day? Get ready for the Neem Queen Tea Challenge!

For the next 30 days, drink one 12 oz. cup of Neem tea each morning.

Many Neem tea enthusiasts enjoy their tea without sweetener. Others prefer their hot tea with lemon and honey, or cinnamon and honey to balance the strong taste. You choose which tastes suits you best.

At the end of your 30 day challenge, visit the website, and post a review of your Neem Tea Challenge experience.
All verified reviews will receive a special discount on their next All About Neem purchase! You may also get free products if your review is selected for a future product promotion!

NOTE: Neem is a detoxifier, so for optimum results avoid fluoride toothpaste or fluoridated water during the 30 Day Neem Tea Challenge.

NEEM "The Bitter Tea For Better Health"
Bitter is BETTER!

The "bitter" taste was a clue to ancient healers of the power the plant possessed to help re balance & restore health to the body. These ancient physicians didn't let the taste overwhelm their wisdom as to the amazing health benefits Neem possessed.

To those who sipped Neem tea, it was a confirmation that drinking it would only benefit them! They discovered that a cup a day was all they needed to simply feel better, stay healthier and enjoy a greater sense of overall confidence and well being. For over 3000 years the bitter neem tea was used as a means to improve health on a daily basis.



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