Have you smelled Neem Oil?

Have you smelled Neem Oil?

John C. Stanford, PhD on Mar 29th 2016

Have you smelled Neem oil?

One of the highly touted uses of Neem oil is for skin ailments. Interestingly enough, Neem reviews seldom mention the disagreeable odor of 100% Neem oil. Some say it smells like garlic and sulfur while others swear that it smells just like diesel fuel and licorice. Because of this, many lovers of Neem cannot go out in public with Neem oil applied to their skin because of the negative attention they would attract. Others simply cannot bear the odor on themselves. So what is the answer?

Neem oil can be more disagreeable than a brush fire

Neem Oil blends

Neem oil can be blended with Neem extract, Neem bark powder, and essential oils in lotions, creams, soaps, shampoos, and conditioners to provide a pleasant and effective all day experience. By adding 20% Neem oil and extract to health care products, one can experience the full power of Neem's multiple medicinal features. Certain essential oils either neutralize or mask the Neem oil while adding new and improved benefits. Synergy is the term which describes how different ingredients, when blended together, magnify their overall effectiveness. A skilled and knowledgeable herbalist can design blends that supercharge the healthcare product. Visit AllAboutNeem.com to see an extensive list of the organic essential oils that can be used with Neem.

Neem in the Wild

Strong odor is one of the defenses that Neem oil erects against insects. In the wild, Neem trees virtually have no enemies from the insect, viral and fungal world. Whole forests can die around the Neem tree while the "Tree of Life" maintains its vigor and beauty. A blight of locust can wipe out a forest but will not touch a Neem tree. Termites will have nothing to do with Neem wood. When we apply Neem to crops, it is like transferring the natural barriers that Neem carries in its genetics. Neem seeds, leaves and bark all carry their unique signature of chemical compounds that have allowed this majestic tree to survive and flourish since the early periods of time.

The smell of Neem oil can really grab you...

John Conrick, Neem: The Ultimate Herb "Neem oil is an excellent moisturizing oil that contains compounds with historical and scientific validity as a medicinal. Use of the oil for cosmetics and medicines has been limited by its strongly bitter taste and sulfur/garlic smell. Only when it was made into soaps was it acceptable for use by most people. It is no wonder the leaves have been substituted for the oil to get the benefits of Neem."

Sheila Sperber Haas, Neem A hands-on guide "A Vietnam veteran came down with a severe case of chiggers. Neem oil was offered to him. When we called him the next day to find out how he felt, he said, 'Man, this stuff stinks!' But did it work? We wanted to know, 'Man , it stinks' he repeated. But finally he admitted that the itching was gone."

Uses of Neem oil

Neem contains a number of active compounds that work simultaneously by different mechanisms to control many human ailments. Neem oil, with its active ingredient azadirachtin, sticks to surfaces, and supplies long term relief for
  • cuts and abrasions
  • fungal itch
  • acne
  • lice
  • dry scalp
  • skin disorders
  • eczema
  • yeast infection
  • insect bites
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