Afraid of the Flu? Check the Top 6 Germiest Places to Pick Up the Flu and Other Illness Nasties

Afraid of the Flu? Check the Top 6 Germiest Places to Pick Up the Flu and Other Illness Nasties

The Neem Queen on Feb 15th 2020

Let's face it, we live in an active society. People of all ages are on the move almost constantly. Here are the 6 germiest public places people visit almost daily. Check this list to discover where you or a family member are most likely to pick up the Cold, Flu or any other illness bug:

         YOUR JOB - Consider what you touch at the office like the entrance door push bar or security keypad. You also most likely touched bathroom door handles, light switches, shared computer, printer and copy equipment keyboard, and touch screens, vending, microwave and coffee machine buttons, break room tables, bathroom stall door latches, and water faucet handles. These are just a few germy work surfaces.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION - Shared commuter surfaces such as the bus or train handrails and hand straps, seat belts, armrests, door handles, the fare card machine. Lyft, Uber and other private hire vehicles are included in this list. If you share your car, your steering wheel, door handles, armrests and control panel buttons are also surfaces that are rarely disinfected.

SCHOOL AND GYM - Shared spaces for many active hands of all ages are everywhere! The classroom desks, tables, teaching aids, classroom equipment, bathroom doors, and faucet handles, locker rooms (bacteria, foot virus & fungus), sports equipment, the activities bus and let's not forget the outdoor playground equipment. 

RETAIL/GROCERY STORES - Shopping carts handles and seats can hold a LOT of pathogens including Salmonella and E-Coli bacteria from meats and other raw foods. Card processor keypad and stylus, cooling/freezer case door handles, and raw fruits and veggies.

RESTAURANTS/ENTERTAINMENT - indoor children's play areas, gaming arcades, movie theatre seating, restaurant booths and chairs, the MENU, and table-side condiment containers.

WAITING ROOM AREAS - this could be your doctor's office, car repair shop or hair/nail salon or anywhere else you have to wait or sit for your appointment. You or a family member may use a vending machine keypad, chair armrests, shared magazines for adults, children's books and play area furniture.

HOTEL ROOM & LOBBY - Yes, they clean your room daily but they do not disinfect all the room surfaces such as dining area furniture, appliance handles, the TV remote, door keypad, and pool/lounge furniture.

As you can see, there are a LOT of places where you can pick up an illness bug. You can not only pick it up, but you can also bring it home to the family by not washing your hands immediately when you come home.

Washing your hands frequently is more important than ever, however, hand washing is only the first step to removing pathogens. Proper handwashing removes pathogens and also the natural protective oils on your skin. Hand sanitizer also removes these protective oils. It is important that you not only clean your hands, but you also take the extra step to protect and nourish your frequently washed skin. This is an often overlooked part of healthy skincare hygiene.

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