Closing Time....Neem Beer Bar is closed for business

The Neem Queen on May 19th 2017

Neem beer….what is that? Yes, you heard that right. A Neem Tree in India was reported to be secreting a liquid that has been collected by locals and referred to as ‘neem beer’. Patrons of the free neem booze bar, have said the taste isn’t as bitter and is intoxicating plus has the added medicinal purposes that neem provides. Haven’t heard about this amazing phenomenon yet? See what everyone has been talking about here.

Well unfortunately all good things come to an end and the latest news on the Neem bar reports that the oozing neem liquid has stopped about as suddenly as it started. Leaving patrons empty handed but scientists are currently trying to identify why the neem tree started to secrete the liquid and now why it has stopped. They believe that the rise in temperature may play a role in this sudden tapped keg.

So when I first read the news of the ‘neem beer’ bar closing, it reminded me of a great song from the 90’s, “Closing Time” by Semisonic. So it’s ‘Closing Time’ for the Neem Tree Beer bar at Delhi Univerisity but looking forward to hearing about it opening again in the near future. 

Closing time

One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer.

Closing time

You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

If you have yet to learn about the uses of neem and the benefits of neem, it’s never too late to find out. All About Neem wasn’t a company that was started overnight with great plans to ‘Neem the World’ but instead started as a personal mission to find a natural way to improve specific health ailments that were affecting our family. In the course of several years, we learned so much about the benefits of neem and became walking testimony on how it improved our lives and wanted to share what we learned with others. So when we come across exciting news about Neem we just can’t wait to share. Our goal is to help others understand all the benefits that neem provides for your internal health, skin, hair, scalp, pets and gardens. There is a reason that urban villages in Indian refer to the Neem tree as "the village pharmacy" as it provides for everything from shade, insect repellent to oral care and topical skin care.

Read more at Rising Temperatures take a toll on nature free neem bar at Delhi University.

Walk in Good Health.

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