Neem Oil Cold Pressed Organic Wild Harvested - 2 oz

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Product Description

Organic cold pressed NEEM SEED OIL is high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Gentle and nourishing for itchy, irritated and sensitive skin.

  • With this purchase you also get a free travel size of our favorite Neem Oil soap!

Neem oil is a gentle alternative to tea tree oil, but with similar therapeutic benefits.

For topical use only. Neem oil is safe to apply directly to the skin or can be mixed with a carrier oil. Neem oil is solid when cool. Place in a cup of warm water to bring it back into its liquid state.

  • Extensive health benefits for people, pets and plants!
  • Natural Insect repellent and biological insecticide.
  • More gentle than tea tree oil, with similar therapeutic benefits.
  • High in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants which makes it an excellent hair and scalp oil.

All Natural Ingredients

Azadirachta indica (neem) Seed Oil





FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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    Posted by Daniel on Oct 11th 2023

    This is potent stuff! It really keeps insects away really well. My daughter, who is very sensitive to bugs bites, uses a drop and it keeps bugs away for many hours.

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    Neem Oil Cold Pressed

    Posted by Lou on Aug 3rd 2023

    Neem oil has helped my toe nail and my skin condition. The smell of neem is quite refreshing and clean. Can really grow on you.

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    Great bug repellant

    Posted by Donna Cameron on Jul 7th 2023

    I was out weeding an awful, overgrown garden bed for two days, fighting off gnats and other bugs flying around my very sweaty face. It FINALLY dawned on me that I could put on Neem! I went inside and just put some on my finger and did a quick smear on my forehead and down the sides of my face and a quick smear of a little bit on my upper arm and went back to my miserable project. It wasn't half as miserable without the insect bugging me!! I wish I had thought about it WAY earlier!! Now when I go out to work on the gardens I put a quick smear on, If I haven't moisturized my legs and arms with a couple drops of neem oil mixed with coconut oil to spread it out farther. The combo soaks in well if there's not too much neem oil and it works great generally to keep the bugs away and it only takes a little so the oil goes a lot farther. I gave some to my neighbor that was hosting an outside sleepover in tents and she mixed it with MCT oil as a bug repellant for the everybody and the party was a hit. Simple and easy and a little bit goes a long way to keep the bugs away. Great product.

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    The REAL deal

    Posted by Gloria on Oct 21st 2022

    Great product. Can’t go wrong on this one!!,

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    Whole Body Good

    Posted by Alberto © on May 9th 2022

    Neem seed oil is great for skin, nails and hair, absolutely amazing for chapped skin. Registered & Protected