How Moringa Fights Breast Cancer

How Moringa Fights Breast Cancer

The Neem Queen on Oct 3rd 2017

Our journey to renewed health began when we first learned about Neem and all the amazing benefits that Neem has to offer our bodies. During that journey, we also came to know and love Moringa Oleifera , which is another super food that provides a number of different health benefits. It is very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds.

While our health has improved dramatically over the years since finding Neem and Moringa, we are always amazed and reminded of just how nutritious and healing these two natural plants can be when reading new research and articles. Today we want to touch on a new study we stumbled upon which talks about Moringa and the positive effects it has on both breast and colorectal cancers.

  • For women in the United States, breast cancer is the second deadliest cancer, followed by colon and rectum cancer.
  • For men, colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of death from cancer.

SuperLeaf™ Moringa wrote a great article highlighting a recent study of the effects of Moringa on cancer cells. “The study investigated the anti-cancer effect of Moringa oleifera leaf, bark and seed extracts. It looked specifically at the effects of Moringa on colorectal and breast cancer cells.

The results? Researchers found that the extracts of leaves and bark showed remarkable anti-cancer properties while

How Morigna Fights Cancer How to Prevent cancer

surprisingly, seed extracts exhibited far fewer of these properties. The researchers concluded that the leaves and bark of Moringa could be used to develop pharmaceutical treatments for breast and colorectal cancers.”

Wow, amazing how this little known tree could pack so much punch and power! Of course we always want to work

towards preventing cancer and poor health but news like this is such a positive and exciting step forward and we wanted to share it with the world! So why wait? Start working on improving your health with baby steps, stop smoking, eat healthy, start exercising and add some neem and moringa to your daily routine. Take the easy way out and take a daily Neem and Moringa Capsule or add dried moringa leaves or moringa powder to any dish or smoothie! There are endless ways to cook with moringa!

Want to read more about the study on how moringa fights breast cancer and colorectal cancer? Here you go!

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Walk in Good Health!

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